George Potter House – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any restrictions on visiting times?
    Visitors are welcome at any time between 8am – 8pm. Any visitor wishing to visit outside those times will need to call and notify the Home in advance.
  • Do the residents have access to the gardens?
    All residents have access to both the garden and court yard. Our gardens are secure, with wheelchair ramp access and safety rails.
  • Do residents share rooms?
    All our rooms are single, with en-suite facilities; however we are able to accommodate any couple who wish to share.
  • Can I have a telephone in my room?
    Residents are more than welcome to have a telephone installed in their rooms, however, installation arrangements, and payments are the responsibility of the resident/family and at their own risk.
  • Can I bring my pets with me?
    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets; however we are more than happy to allow visitors to bring their pets when visiting, as long as they are housetrained.
  • Can I bring my furniture for my room?
    We encourage our residents to personalise their rooms, and we are able to accommodate small items of furniture, as long as they meet with the current fire and health and safety regulations.